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    PERPAX Consulting is a Houston-based company with local consultants functioning as an outsourced IT department from small to government size businesess. We are your source for Virtualization, Server Provisioning, Application Delivery, Project Management and Network Integration.

    Network Design and Implementation PERPAX provides custimized LAN/WAN/WIFI design and integration services to assist our clients with the implementation and management of network infrastructure, connecting people, offices locally and across remote sites.

    Network Security and Disaster Recovery Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are processes that help organization prepare for disruptive events, whether those events might include a hurricane, power outage, virus attack or equipment failure. PERPAX involvement in this process can help you prepare a recovery plan for any emergency.

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    Server Provisioning enables organizations to reduce the number of systems that they manage, even as the number of computers continues to grow. This solution simultaneously provides the efficiencies of a centrally managed solution with the benefits of distributed processing.

    Application Delivery - Corporate applications are becoming increasingly web-oriented, data-intensive, and dynamic in nature and are more likely to be deployed on virtual systems. The infrastructure to support those applications is evolving as well, don't let your application infrastructure hold you back.

    Virtualization Solutions - Server consolidation, business continuity, disaster recovery, and high availability. Partners with the major vendors, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and Open Source solutions.

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    Software / Hardware experience

    VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, MS Exchange, Sharepoint, Novell, MacOS, Open Source, Web Design, Joomla, Flash, Cisco Router and Switches, HP Storage and Servers, and many, many more...


    PERPAX network of engineers and consultants can help you overcome any staffing needs either on contract or project basis.

    Project Management

    The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints, let us help you achive those goals.


    When in need of technical support staff, we can facilitate a highly experienced specialists either online or on-site.

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    Tech Support

    PERPAX provides comprehensive Technical Support for all your servers, desktops and peripheral devices as well as software applications.

    Our Company

    is powered by highly experienced specialists who can help you resolve a wide range of technical problems ranging from simple start-up errors to the datacenter issues.

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    Corporate Office:  12440 Oxford Park Drive, Suite B-104, Houston TX 77082

    Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 66, Alief TX 77411

    PERPAX Guatemala:  10a Avenida 22-32 Zona 11,Mariscal, Guatemala

    Voice Support:  (713) 487-8181